Your pre-holiday cleaning checklist

Your pre-holiday cleaning checklist

After a lot of uncertainty, the possibility of international travel is reopening to the UK. Perhaps not quite in the same guise as before the pandemic, but the green-light for summer holidays has come as welcome news.

While destination choices vary from one person to the next, everyone wants to come home to a clean house. Even if you temporarily undo this with your unpacking, it’s nice to walk into a clean home.

Any jobs you can get out the way before you leave will mean fewer unpleasant tasks to take care of later. With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of the main jobs we recommend tackling before you depart, in order to ensure the smoothest transition back to the real world when you return:

  1. Check every room for dirty cups, glasses and dishes to avoid a fortnight’s worth of mould growth. Wash, dry and put everything away, while giving your kitchen a good clean.
  2. Use a de-clogging product to get to work on the grease and grime that will have accumulated in your drains. This will prevent any unfortunate smells from developing and permeate throughout your home during your absence.
  3. Use up any food or drink that would otherwise spoil by the time you returned home. While the fridge stock is low, give the shelves and walls a good clean with an antibacterial spray.
  4. Give the bathroom a good clean and ensure it is dry before departing. As you’re unlikely to be leaving any windows open, there will be little ventilation to keep mould and mildew at bay.
  5. Change the bed sheets, covers and pillowcases, so they are and when you return. If possible, wash and dry any dirty linen before you go, to avoid facing a pile of washing later.
  6. Check and then double-check that you have not left any rubbish in any of your bins than could go rotten while you’re away.
  7. If your suitcases and bags haven’t been used for a while, take them outside for a good clean. This will minimise dust and sand particles from covering your bed or carpets as you pack for your latest trip. Once your packing is complete, follow it up a dust and vacuum.
  8. Rather than flying, you might be driving to a destination in the UK. If so, you’re likely to be in the car for several hours, so make the trip as pleasant as possible with a clean car. Dedicate 20 minutes to our car cleaning tips and remove any rubbish, dust and dirt for a more pleasant car journey.  

Alternatively, hire a professional cleaner to take care of your domestic duties. Whether you need a helping hand before your holiday or a way to beat the back-to-earth blues when you return, you can completely forget about your chores and focus on your holiday.

We offer an extensive range of home cleaning services at affordable prices. If you’re considering a domestic cleaner in Oxfordshire, we’d be delighted to provide an obligation-free quotation.