Your February home maintenance checklist

Your February home maintenance checklist

February is one of the most difficult months for getting motivated, and that includes dealing with tasks around the home. It’s dark and miserable outside, we’re still a few weeks away from spring and a difficult time for everyone is still ongoing.

However, there’s no better time to make the best of a bad situation. If there’s not a great deal on your current schedule, why not get started on a few home maintenance tasks?

Most people leave these domestic jobs until the spring, but you can get a head start now. If you haven’t done the following tasks in a while, put them into action now while there’s plenty of time to work with:

1. Rotate your mattress

It is recommended to flip or rotate your mattress at least once each year.  This is to ensure the weight distribution across the surface of your mattress remains even, which is good for the health of your back – and for extending the mattress lifespan. Keep in mind that a mattress should usually be replaced every eight years, though some are designed to last even longer than this.

2. Clean out your drains and pipes

Most households adopt the same tactic, waiting until drain and pipes become hopelessly blocked before attempting to fix them. In doing so, clearly overlooking the fact that keeping drains clean and free-flowing on a continuous basis is a far better approach. This means periodically (i.e. now) reaching for an appropriate bottle of drain cleaner and giving your pipes the treatment. Quicker, easier and cheaper than paying for your pipes to be unblocked at a later date.

3. Paint your interiors

If the soap-and-water approach to keeping your walls and skirting boards clean isn’t working, reach for the paintbrush and give the surfaces a much-needed refresh. You don’t have to re-do all rooms entirely, but take the time to touch-up areas that are worn and succumbed to scuff and stains.

4. Clean the refrigerator coils

There are three reasons why this is an important periodic job that’s not to be overlooked.  Firstly, dusty and dirty refrigerator coils limit the performance and capacity of your fridge. Secondly, the quantity of dust they accumulate can be bad for allergy sufferers. Lastly, it allows you toclean under and around your fridge. It’ll take you 30 minutes at the most and it won’t need doing again for the rest of the year.

5. Check the kitchen and bathroom sealant

Set aside some time to inspect the sealant around your bath, sinks and shower unit. You could also take the time to ensure that the seals around your windows and doors are providing adequate protection. If there are any issues, use a tube of quality sealant and make the necessary repairs. Just be sure to remove any damaged or deteriorating sealant first, rather than sealing over it.

6. Wash your curtains and cushion covers

As you’ve been spending a lot more time indoors lately, your soft furnishings will have accumulated a more dust and dirt than usual. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to give them a clean. Any washing machine-safe elements can be safely handled with your usual washing load. For everything else, a cold hand-wash will ensure your furnishings retain their structure and colours.

7. Deep clean your carpets

It’s likely that your floors have seen increased foot-fall over the winter months. Even if your dark carpets are able to hide multitude of stains, it’s time to restore their condition. Hire a DIY carpet cleaner from your local hardware store, or book a professional carpet cleaner to give your floors the professional clean that’s well over-due.

For more home-maintenance help or for an obligation-free carpet cleaning consultation, call the Hardyclean team today.