You can have a dog and a clean home

You can have a dog and a clean home

The events of the past 18 months radically changed the way millions of people across the UK live. Forced to spend more time at home than ever before, the nation collectively revisited its preferences and priorities.

Consequently, many thousands of households who would have never considered the prospect pets before have welcomed a dog into the family.

There was an enormous puppy boom in 2020, spurred by time being spent at home and rescue shelters across the country bursting with animals in need. Britain is known for being a nation of dog lovers, reveling in the companionship of our four-legged friends.

But many households fail to consider the mess that ensues when bringing a pet home.

It’s very difficult to keep your home perfectly tidy with the arrival of an untrained or very young dog. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have both a dog and an orderly household. It can be made at simpler with the following essential tips:

1. Groom your dog regularly

You can reduce the amount of fur and fluff that accumulates around the home by grooming your dog on a regular basis. Grooming can also be a therapeutic practice and makes for a genuinely enjoyable bonding experience. A quick brush each day could save you time and effort in maintaining a clean house.

2. Keep towels by the front door

When you take your dog for a walk, they are most likely going to come back filthy. So ensure you have supplies by the front door to clean their paws before instead of trailing the dirt into your home. A quick wipe will save you the time and the effort of an intensive cleaning effort later.

3. Don’t allow your dog to get bored

An entertained and content animal tends to be better behaved. Keeping the most energetic dog breeds occupied isn’t easy, but this will prevent them from venting any energy or frustrations on your furniture and possessions. When dogs wilfully destroy objects and a mess, they usually do so out of boredom.

4. Use washable floor coverings

Irrespective of whether you have carpets or hard floors, washable floor coverings can be very useful. It’s hard to continuously clean up every spot, stain and dirty mark left by your pet. Instead, it’s easier to let them be independent a degree, then toss your floor coverings in the washing machine for a clean. Prevention of a mess isn’t always possible, so damage control is the next best option.

5. Upgrade your vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner that is not designed to deal with pet hair are ineffective in a household with a shedding dog. The best pet-friendly vacuum cleaners come at a premium but are nonetheless a very worthwhile investment. A good quality, robotic vacuum cleaner designed to pick up pet hair can also be one less chore for you to manually carry out.

Alternatively, call in the professionals and have your home cleaned of dog hair on a periodic basis. We offer a comprehensive range of residential cleaning services at competitive prices. For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact Hardyclean today.