Tips for keeping your office tidy

Tips for keeping your office tidy

There is nothing quite like a clean office, and nothing can replace a reliable and professional cleaning service – but the cleaners on hand must be able to get to the desk to clean it!

If you have a look around a communal office, you will soon see a varying state of work surfaces. Some people are naturally clean whilst others allow papers, stationary and lists to build up until the desk can be seen no more.

Here are some helpful tips on how to stay organised.


Every tidy office worker’s go-to weapon. If it is a problem to stay neat at work, some help is required. Use draw dividers and stationery holders to keep things in their place. Make sure you have a file in-tray so that new documents can be put into place as soon as they arrive. If your neighbours mess is coming for you, why not offer them a couple of boxes to help with storage or help them sort out their paperwork into files.

Changing habits

Most office staff will eat and drink at their desks, leaving mugs, spoons and food debris to build up throughout the day. This is also a hygiene hazard so try and encourage staff to take a break from their computer and use the kitchen or staff room instead. A pack of cleaning wipes would be handy to make sure any spillages are sorted straight away. Finally, never leave your dirty plates and mugs overnight without washing them up.

Work together

Most companies hire a cleaning company to give the office a clean before the next working day, but most cleaners will not move paperwork or personal possessions, so try to make their lives easier by having a quick tidy up before you leave. Try to consider the area beyond your desk as well as the desk itself such as items stored on the floor. These are an obstacle for cleaners using a hoover, so try to store boxes appropriately.

Hire the right company

You’ll never have a clean office if you don’t hire the best, so give Hardyclean a call to see what we can do for you.