The health benefits of a clean home

The health benefits of a clean home

Keeping your house clean and tidy may seem like a chore, but it is very a worthwhile task. Not only is a clean home a more pleasant place to spend time, but it could also have a long list of important health benefits.

Be mindful of the following and your next top-to-bottom cleaning job might not seem quite so laborious after all:

1. A tidy bedroom contributes to better sleep

Research conducted by America’s National Sleep Foundation found that bedroom cleanliness has a direct impact on sleep quality. However, the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach is not particularly effective.  Simply closing your eyes isn’t enough to make you unaware of the mess around you.

Additionally, a clean bedroom, clean linen and fresh air contribute to good sleep. As good sleep holds the key to good health and wellbeing, prioritse the bedroom when cleaning.

2. Removing clutter can contribute to better mental health

There are direct links between clutter and an elevated level of anxiety, stress and depression. A study by Princeton University found that the visual cortex can be completely overwhelmed by a messy home, affecting mental focus and potentially triggering anxiety.

People feel calmer in a clean and tidy setting. When the space around you is free of disorder, so is your mind. This is something that applies to all rooms of the home, but particularly to spaces designed for relaxation. Therefore, chaos and clutter in the kitchen isn’t quite as detrimental as in the bedroom or living room.

3. Clean homes encourage healthier dietary habits

A study published in the journal Psychological Science in 2010 drew interesting links between kitchen cleanliness and the likelihood of the household in question to eat out or order takeout food.

Specifically, it was determined that when a kitchen is kept clean, it’s more likely to be used. If it is an unpleasant and foreboding place, ordering in a takeaway is a preferable choice. It may be something that takes place at an entirely subconscious level, but there is a coloration between cleanliness and diet.

4. Home cleanliness can control seasonal allergies

Interior air can be exponentially more polluted than the air outside. In addition, pollutants and allergens from outside can make their way indoors and become trapped. Dust, mites and pollen can all collect on surfaces. None of which bode well for seasonal allergy sufferers.

Given the toll that allergies take on the immune system, getting into the habit of vacuuming regularly, installing a high-powered HEPA air purifier and closing windows during a high pollen count can help.

5. A clean home can improve your financial health

Keeping your home clean can also put less of a strain on your wallet. Floors and furniture inevitably succumb to damage when constantly coated in dirt. By contrast, keeping things sanitary is the easiest way of preserving the lifespan of your fixtures.

The same also applies to electronics, kitchen appliances and anything that needs to remain in good working order. An occasional clean can stop things from deteriorating and having to replace your gadgets outright.

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