Seven easy spring cleaning hacks for your car

Car spring cleaning hacks

Chances are, there’s a small contingency of people who actually enjoy spring cleaning. For everyone else, it’s more of a necessary evil than a pleasurable pursuit. Hence, if there’s anything that can be done to rush the job to completion, it’s something we tend to do.

Precisely why the car often goes overlooked entirely…deliberately or otherwise.

If you’re going to get stuck into some spring cleaning, you might as well show your car a little attention too. As is the case around the home, there are countless hacks that can make automotive spring cleaning a little less painful.

Here are seven of our favourite tips:

1. Clean vents with a paintbrush

First up, a huge amount of dust, dirt and debris can accumulates in the average car’s air vents. Rather than blasting dust particles and allergens straight into your face for another spring season, give them a quick once-over with a paintbrush for a welcome breath of fresh air.

2. Keep your cup holders clean

Cup holders inevitably accumulate all manner of sticky nastiness over time, which serves as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. All of which can be avoided by slotting a simple cupcake liner in each of your cup holders. You won’t be able to see them, but they’ll make it way easier to clean your car next time around. 

3. Simplify crevice cleaning

The quickest and easiest way of cleaning deep and awkward crevices in the car is to wrap a cleaning cloth around the handle of a toothbrush and get stuck into them with some elbow grease. This is also a great hack for cleaning in-between chair and sofa cushions that cannot be removed.

4. Remove problem pet hair

A great tip for pet-friendly households – always pre-scrape surfaces before attempting to remove them with the vacuum cleaner. Lightly mist the upholstery surface with a spray bottle to loosen the pet hair, before grabbing a squeegee (the window cleaning tool) and scraping firmly. This will get rid of a ton of surface hair, lightening the load for your vacuum cleaner.

5. Restore your car rims

Rather than forking out good money for an overpriced rim restoration product, simply combine a little water with some powdered laundry detergent to make a thick paste. Scrub it into your rims with a toothbrush, leave for a minute or so and rinse for remarkable results.

6. Windscreen wiper restoration

Windscreen wipers that do nothing more than wreak havoc with visibility don’t necessarily need to be replaced. From time to time, moisten a clean cloth with a little surgical spirit and give them a thorough wipe. After which, there’s a good chance they’ll perform as good as new once again.

7. Increase your dashboard shine

Last but not least, there’s a good chance that the best dashboard shiner you’ll ever use is already in your kitchen. Believe it or not, automotive experts worldwide swear by olive oil as the ultimate dashboard polish. A little goes a long way – pop a small amount on a clean cloth and give the whole unit a quick wipe for an impeccable shine.