Pre-spring cleaning jobs to start today

Pre-cleaning jobs to start today

We’re several weeks away from spring, and when it’s dark, grey and gloomy outdoors, we naturally put off doing chores. Although this is counterproductive, the majority of households tend to use the warmer months for domestic cleaning makeovers each year.

Unfortunately, many households don’t come close to making good on their positive intent. The unexpected often occurs, things get in the way and the spring sunshine makes spending time indoors an unappealing option.

And so, the spring-cleaning checklist is put off for another time. So how can you motivate yourself to ensure the jobs get done?

The answer – a head start with some basic pre-spring cleaning, and give a few of these ideas a go:

1. Declutter your rooms

It’s one of our favourite ideas because it’s one of the most satisfying of all home cleaning jobs. The joy of clearing space and getting rid of endless rubbish you had no use or space for.

Decluttering takes time, but you can chip away at it over the course of several weeks. Adopt a room-by-room approach, get the family involved and decide what you’re going to throw away, give away or sell. If it’s something you haven’t used, thought about or missed in a year or more, it’s probably something you can live without.

2. Clean furnishings systematically

Work through each room gradually, and thoroughly clean your furnishings and appliances. This includes anything detachable – shower curtains, bathmats, net curtains, throws and cushion covers.

As even the biggest washing machines have a limited capacity, you’ll only be able to tackle a few at a time. Get a head start to ensure everything is nice and fresh by spring.

3. Clean the fridge and defrost the freezer

If your freezer is an icy mess, now is the time to finallydefrost it. Once you have unloaded the contents, and scraped the ice away, take the time to re-organise or bin any food you had long forgotten about.

Likewise, if your fridge is loaded with 101 half empty jars, bottles and packets that have long-since expired, toss them out accordingly.

Setting aside time to deal with both the fridge and freezer is highly recommended. When sorted properly and ruthlessly, they won’t need attention at least a few months or longer.

4. Clean your kitchen appliances

Write a plan of action that incorporates the cleaning of all appliances in your kitchen. This includes the microwave, food processor, kettle, toaster, cooker and dishwasher. These are the objects we tend to neglect throughout the year, yet rely on daily.

You’ll find the process easier if you make use of premium-quality cleaning products for specific jobs. Examples include descaling solutions for kettles and degreasers for ovens. Just be mindful of the durability of your appliances, avoiding anything too harsh or hazardous.

5. Clear out your junk drawers

Most households contain at least a few drawers in which random junk seems to accumulate. Much of this drawer content can probably be transferred to somewhere more appropriate or tossed out entirely.

This is a relatively quick and easy job that can be really satisfying. It’s a case of getting motivated to start, which can be the biggest challenge. But it’ll be a good starting point and relieve you from one job on the list.