New Year’s cleaning resolutions for 2021

New Year's cleaning resolutions for 2021

2020 wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable year for everyone, and most people have been at home than ever before. Extra time spent in our houses also brings the inevitability of more mess and chaos. This has meant more regular and thorough cleaning to keep things in order.

But cleaning doesn’t have to be an arduous and non-stop job that the entire family laments. It simply means getting into a few good habits to keep things as polished and pristine.

With this in mind, here’s a few proactive New Year’s cleaning resolutions for a sparkling year ahead:

1. Clear out the kitchen cupboards

It’s worth considering when you last went through your kitchen cupboards from top to bottom. How many expired bottles, tins and packets have been there for years and never likely to get used? How many half empty jars could do with being used up? Clear your cupboards of these items and give yourself more space to work with for the year ahead.

2. Strategic storage

Store like-with-like in all storage spaces around your home. From underwear to jewellery to spices to games, get strategic with your storage and keep things similar in nature together. This will make it far easier to keep things in order, while simplifying the process of finding what you’re looking for.

3. Don’t double up on products

What’s the point of two mops in your cupboard, when you only use one? Why have three sweeping brushes, a couple of laundry baskets and dozens of near-identical cleaning products for the same purpose? If you have several of the same product or item, be ruthless and start to condense down.

4. Make it easier to recycle

Make the effort to step up your recycling 2021, by increasing the number of bins, bags and waste baskets around the home. The easier it is for all family members to recycle effectively and efficiently, the more likely they are to do so. This comes with the added bonus of keeping your home clean and tidy for longer.

5. Declutter the closets

Freeing up closet space is an essential step that will make a huge difference to everyday life. It’s a case of identifying things you haven’t worn for some time and have no real intention of wearing in the near future. If it’s been hanging or folded away indefinitely and you haven’t missed it, it’s probably time to send it on to a charity shop.

6. Check your cleaning supplies

Your cleaning supplies and tools can accumulate huge quantities of dirt, grime, germs bacteria. From mops and sponges, to brushes and buckets – and even vacuum cleaners, don’t forget to clean the things you use to clean your house. If your clothes are looking dated and can of polish is running low, now is the time to stock up on some fresh supplies.

7. Define a home cleaning schedule

Writing a schedule makes cleaning and sanitising so much easier than a sporadic once-over every now and again. Get the family involved with the tasks. When everybody knows what and when they should be cleaning and tidying, keeping the family home in order can be simple.

8. Hire professional cleaning help

2021 could be the year you lighten the load for yourself by hiring domestic cleaning help. Whether it’s a regular cleaning service or a one-off deep clean to get to grips with the more difficult jobs around home, there’s affordable help available.

For more information about the benefits of domestic cleaning or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the Hardyclean team today.