Keeping your home clean during the school holidays

Keeping your home clean during the school holidays

The school holidays always seem to come around so fast. Just as you’re celebrating the start of the new term, you find yourself faced with weeks of renewed domestic chaos.

Not that we would have it any other way, but trying to keep a home clean while the kids are off school can sometimes feel impossible.

A good strategy is the key to getting your cleaning jobs done while maintaining your sanity in the process. Being in the domestic cleaning business, we’ve learned more than a few tips and tricks for family-friendly cleaning. This summer, base your cleaning around the following pointers and you may find your home stays tidier during the holidays:

1. Tackle your cleaning chores first thing

Just a single hour first thing in the morning can be enough to tackle a long list of daily chores. Unless your children are extremely early risers, try and get into the habit of waking up before them, and you’ll have more time to enjoy their company having already covered several cleaning essentials.

2. Allocate cleaning tasks to your kids

Give your children plenty of notice that there are certain cleaning tasks you expect them to take care of. This can be far more effective than springing random assignments on them at the last moment, resulting in grumpy faces and tantrums. Making their own beds, putting toys away at the end of the day, tidying their room, putting clean clothes in the wardrobe – anything that’s simple enough, but nonetheless makes a big difference.

3. Encourage as much outdoor play as possible

Playing outside is not only good for kids, but highly practical for parents. The more time they spend playing outdoors, the less time making a mess indoors. Plus, the Great British summer is rarely weeks of good weather, so make the most of it when you can!

4. Get into a cleaning routine

It can be much easier to set a daily or weekly routine, as opposed to tackling tasks adhoc. Decide what needs to be done and schedule the jobs around your other activities. Knowing what you need to do and when can speed up and simplify most domestic tasks.

5. Encourage your kids to tidy as they go

It’s useful to get your kids into the habit of putting away whatever they’ve been playing with before taking out another toy. Tidying as they go makes it possible to avoid a major mess and is guaranteed to save you plenty of time.

6. Add the occasional job incentive

Occasional incentives can be great. It really doesn’t have to be much – just something your kids see as a good reason to do their bit, and maybe even go the extra mile. It’s a small price to pay to maintain some domestic order throughout the school holidays.

7. Hire help

You can always hire domestic cleaning help to keep things in check. This is a great way of giving yourself more time to spend enjoy the summer with your children. Head out for the day and a good cleaning company will have your home pristine for when you return, at an afford able price.

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