How to spend less time cleaning your home

Many cleaning ‘hacks’ tend to be a bit gimmicky to be of practical value and make a real difference to the average household cleaning regime.

That’s why we prefer to stick with the tried, tested and trusted options for getting the job done faster, easier and smarter. There are plenty of strategies by which you can spend less time cleaning. Here are a few examples which we live by:

1.  Enlist automated cleaning help

Automated vacuum cleaner technology has come a long way, and the costs of a capable automated vacuum cleaner has reduced significantly over the years.

Many homeowners avoid robot vacuum cleaners due to a lack of understanding, but they can do a fantastic job. Even if they don’t eliminate all manual vacuuming around the home, they can lighten the load by 75% or more. If vacuuming isn’t your favourite job, this really is something to consider.

2.  Store your cleaning supplies strategically

Ensure that all cleaning products close to hand when you need them most. For example, keeping your carpet stain remover at the back of a cupboard is impractical for when you need it most. So, if it’s possible to do so safely, try to keep your cleaning products and accessories in convenient locations. Far easier and more efficient than dumping everything in one cluttered area.

3.  Clean Your Home at the Right Times

There is a right and wrong time to clean the various internal spaces of your home. Getting as much time as possible while the kids are out of the way is a good starting point. Likewise, avoiding cleaning your windows in blazing sunlight or when it’s freezing cold is also a good idea.

Plan your routine strategically and try not to just dive into things haphazardly. You’ll find it much easier to tackle each area of the home at a set time.

4.  Clean Little and Often

Unless you are planning a major one-off spring cleaning project, don’t try to clean the entire house at once. It can be much easier and more efficient to get into the habit of cleaning little and often.

For example, one afternoon of the week you clean the kitchen. Then a couple of days later you give the bedroom a deep clean. Always remember that motivation quickly wanes when cleaning projects get too big, so set yourself limits.

5.  Let the cleaning products do the hard work

There are many products available from trusted brands that are designed to make your cleaning tasks easier. Such cleaning solutions can often be sprayed over the dirty surfaces, left for a few minutes and wiped away.

This is always more efficient than opting for a low-grade generic product that calls for frenzied scrubbing to remove grease and grime. So when cleaning baths, showers and ovens, it’s worth spending a little more on a product that works harder than you have to.

6.  Wear PPE for cleaning

Wearing PPE isn’t just to keep yourself safe while handling hazardous products. It also speeds up the job up, making the task more efficient.

When you wear PPE, you don’t have to spend time being careful about the product coming into contact with your skin, eyes and airways. You still need to handle and use domestic cleaning products with care, but you can do so with more confidence and subsequently clean your home quicker.

7.  Hire occasional cleaning help

An occasional intensive clean of your home can make it much easier to keep the place looking great on a day-to-day basis. If you’ve neither the time nor the inclination to do this yourself, call in a professional domestic cleaning company to help you on a periodic basis.

For more tips on improving your cleaning efficiency or to talk to our experienced cleaning team, contact Hardyclean for an obligation-free consultation.