How to prep your home for Christmas

How to prep your home for Christmas

For some, there’s nothing like getting an early start on preparations for the festive season. For others, it’s a job that’s left until the last possible moment.

Either way, you’re acutely aware that your family is set at descend on your home imminently. Perhaps you’re already attempting to juggle a hectic workload and take care of the kids, which is leaving little time to get your interiors in order.

But prepping your home for the inevitable Christmas chaos within a few days is perfectly feasible. This doesn’t mean dedicating an entire week to cleaning – just a couple of hours each day is enough to get the job done.

Here’s how to deal with the most important parts of your home for Christmas:

Day 1 – Get to work on the floors

We recommend getting the more laborious jobs out of the way on day one. Vacuum and shampoo your carpets, polish your hard floors and give your skirting boards some attention with a damp cloth. Work on a room-by-room basis to space the job throughout the day, if you haven’t time to do the whole house at once.

Day 2 – Wash the windows

Cleaning windows isn’t the most enjoyable jobs, let alone in winter. But assuming you’ll have a window cleaner tackle the exteriors, you’ll only have the window interiors to clean. Opt for some good cleaning products and it won’t be a particularly difficult job, once you get going.

Day 3 – Deep clean your kitchen

This can be one of the most time-consuming jobs but it’s thankfully something that only needs doing once in a while. Clean under and around your appliances, then give the inside of your fridge a clean. Go through your cupboards systematically and consider degreasing the oven. Don’t forget to clean the extractor hood and filters too, as you’ll probably be using it a lot over the festive season.

Day 4 – Clean the fireplace and chimney

Applicable only to some, but this is an absolute must each winter. When was the last time you arranged to have your chimney professionally cleaned? If it’s over a year ago, make a booking to have it tended to.

Day 5 – Check-in to the guest rooms

If you’ll be having family or friends over to stay this Christmas, it’s important to get your get your guest rooms in good condition. Once you’ve cleaned, try to keep these rooms off-limits until when they’re needed. They’ll hold onto their cleanliness and be one less thing for you to worry about.

Day 6 – Clean your car interior

If you’ll be running your own private domestic taxi service for friends and family over Christmas, treat them to a clean, fresh car journey. Washing your car exterior could be a waste of time this time of year, with so much rain and grime on the roads. But making sure the interior is in good condition is much easier, so put our car cleaning hacks into action.

Day 7 – Prep for decorating

It can be really helpful to prepare your home for adorning the decorations. Think about where you’ll be placing your Christmas tree, hanging lights and displaying all of your favourite Christmas ornaments. Grab yourself a couple of boxes and remove anything that’s going to get in the way, which will make the job much easier when the time comes to decorating.

Make a cleaning plan

One final note, you’ll find the cleaning process much easier to deal with if you make a plan and stick to it. Decide which jobs you’ll tackle and when, how much time you’ll allocate and who takes charge of which task.

Try to lighten the load on yourself and get the family involved in the whole process. Alternatively, enlist the help of a domestic cleaning company to take any pressure off, and ensure everything is looking great for the big day.  

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