How to keep a pet-friendly house clean

How to keep a pet-friendly house clean

Thought it was impossible to have a clean home and pets simultaneously? It’s simply a case of modifying your approach and getting into a good routine.

As anyone with pets will know, attempting to keep things clean and serene on a day to day basis can be challenging. Just as soon as you’ve restored order, chaos ensues once again. All your hard work is torn to shreds, courtesy of your four-legged friend.

But here’s the thing – keeping things at least reasonably clean and hygienic with pets at home doesn’t have to be difficult. Just get into a few good habits, while ensuring everyone else plays their part.

This means delegating certain duties to your kids – even if they’re not particularly pleased with the prospect!

With this in mind, here’s a few helpful tips and guidelines for keeping things clean in a pet-friendly household:

1. Clean your pet’s toys more often

Many pet owners never take the time to thoroughly clean their pets’ toys. From beds to blankets to bowls to soft toys, they wait until they fall into a state of disrepair and replace them. This can cause an odour around the home that seems impossible to rid of.

By getting into the habit of cleaning your pet’s possessions on a more regular basis, it becomes so much easier to keep things clean, fresh and hygienic. It’s also the best way of extending the life of your pet’s toys, so you won’t have to fork out for replacements quite as often.

2. Deodorise your carpets

Replacing your carpets on a regular basis isn’t a realistic option. This is where frequent deodorising can help. It’s important to note that there’s a big difference between eliminating problematic odours and simply covering them. Some carpet cleaning products mask bad smells with overpowering fragrances, while others are designed to neutralise them at the source.

A professional carpet cleaning service will get right to the heart of the problem. Alternatively, a high-end odour neutralising powder used on occasion could make a big difference.

3. Clean pet messes immediately

With so many other domestic chores to take care of, it can be tempting to leave the odd pet spillage until another time. But the longer you leave this mess lying around, the bigger the toll it will take on your home’s hygiene and freshness.

Whether it’s a dollop of spilled food, muddy footprints on the carpet or an unwanted ‘present’, make it your priority to deal with it immediately. Even if it doesn’t seem particularly problematic at the time, it could create a long lasting smell if left to its own devices.

4. Keep your pet clean

You cannot keep a pet-friendly household clean and hygienic with dirty pets. This doesn’t mean aggressively shampooing your animals.  It simply means following good-practice guidelines by way of grooming, bathing, trimming and everyday care.

Ensure your pets are appropriately trained and that boundaries are set accordingly. If you allow your dog to climb over your sofa all day, don’t expect to keep your furniture clean, fresh and hygienic.

5.  Invest in a steam cleaner

A basic steam cleaner can be a worthwhile investment. Easy to use and with no additional cleaning products required, steam cleaning makes it quick and easy to make surfaces hygienic clean. A steam cleaner is one of the best tools at your disposal for eliminating problematic pet-related smells.

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