How to get your deposit returned with end-of-tenancy cleaning

How to get your deposit returned with end-of-tenancy cleaning

Lingering lockdown has had a major impact on the preferences and priorities of millions of homeowners and renters alike. In particular, private renters are now setting their sights on more spacious homes in quieter areas of the country including Oxfordshire, away from chaotic and congested urban centres. Motivated by the new ‘stay at home’ lifestyle we all became accustomed to over the past year, more people are prioritising home comforts.

Looking for a new rental property in a different location is always exciting, but it unfortunately means a task is looming: the end-of-tenancy cleanup.

DIY end-of-tenancy cleaning

We strongly recommend hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaner to carry out the job on your behalf. In doing so, you are guaranteed great results that will help you to get your deposit back in full.

However, this does not mean that the DIY approach is out of the question. In fact, the vast majority of private tenants across the UK prefer to handle the end-of-tenancy cleaning themselves.

For those choosing to go it alone, we have assembled a helpful ten-point checklist to ensure you get the job done properly. Ensure each of the following boxes is ticked and you should have no trouble reclaiming your deposit:

1. Clean and sanitise the kitchen

The kitchen is an area where even the slightest imperfections are amplified. Therefore, you will need to remove as much as you can from the room before subsequently sanitising and cleaning every surface, wall and corner. This also means showing some TLC to all the appliances that belong to the owner.

2. Clean the cooker inside and out

This of course forms part of the kitchen, but it’s such a major job that it is worth highlighting separately. Cleaning the cooker inside and out typically means investing in a powerful degreaser. It’s also a job to approach with care and caution, given how a commercial-grade degreaser isn’t a particularly pleasant product to work with.

3. Clean the living room below eye level

Vacuuming, dusting and polishing will usually be enough to get the average living room back in order. It is highly unlikely that anyone but the pickiest landlords will conduct major inspections above eye level for signs of dust. You should therefore ensure that anything within your line of sight is in an appropriate state of repair.

4. Blitz the bathroom

Ideally, you will want to clean the bathroom as near to the date of their inspection as possible. Avoiding use of the bathroom will be impossible for any great length of time, so it is better to have them see it when it is as clean and hygienic as possible. Remember to check the plug holes for blockages, shine the taps and note for any signs of mould and mildew that will need to be removed.

5. Clean the windows interior

It may not be your responsibility to ensure the windows are clean on the outside. However, it will definitely be your responsibility to ensure that they are clean inside. To make things easier, combine cleaning the windows with polishing any other mirrors, glass and other shiny surfaces around the property.

6. Wash or dry clean the curtains

If the curtains are machine washable, throw them in on an appropriate cycle. If not, consider spending a little more to have them dry cleaned. The appearance and freshness of a room’s curtains will make a major difference to how the place is interpreted. Something that is important to consider, if you want your landlord to be suitably impressed.

7. Give a great first impression with the hallway

The first impression your landlord gets when walking through the door will set the mood and expectations for everything that follows. You should therefore ensure that the entrance, porch and hallway are immaculate. They will undoubtedly cast their eyes downwards up on walking in, so focus on ensuring the hall floor is looking great.

8.  Don’t forget the garden

Landlords are within their rights to withhold deposits due to issues with the garden and any other exterior spaces. You should therefore plan ahead and allow enough time to get the garden back into a good state of repair – irrespective of the season and weather conditions.

For more end of tenancy tips or our professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service, contact Hardyclean today.