How to declutter and organise your shed

How to declutter and organise your shed

During autumn, we don’t tend to spend much time outside. It’s also a time when we avoid outdoor chores for an indefinite period.

Decluttering a shed is one of the most maligned and consistently avoided of all household tasks.  Sadly, it’s also a task that isn’t going to take care of itself. The job is unlikely to appeal in the depths of winter, so get it done now ready for next spring.

Here’s how to declutter and organise your shed in the most painless way possible:

Step 1 – Drag everything out

It’s practically impossible to declutter a shed without first removing everything. We mean everything – every last tool, nail, screw and bolt sitting on the floor.

Allocate an appropriate day when the weather will be decent, grab yourself a pair of gloves and drag the whole lot out into your garden. Spread it out as far and wide as necessary, to give yourself a clear and complete overview of everything.

Step 2 – Separate it into sections

After removing everything from the shed, begin separating it into three different sections: the stuff you intend to keep, the things you intend to discard and anything you can either sell or give away.

It’s important to be relatively ruthless at this stage, as it can be tempting to hold onto things you like but have no need for. That shiny-new angle grinder you bought in 2007 and have never even plugged in, for example can be sold.

Step 3 – Inventory things to be kept

When you have decided what you’ll be keeping, it can be useful to record an inventory. This basically ensures that you know exactly what you have in your shed at any one time, which can also indicate where in the shed it is stored.

If you can get into the habit of editing this inventory whenever you add or remove something, it might make life much easier going forwards.

Step 4 – Clean your tools and shed

This is perhaps the best and only opportunity you will have for the foreseeable future to give your equipment and your shed a deep and hygienic clean. While everything is strewn out all over the garden, it’s the perfect time to deep clean your shed and give all of your tools a good wipe.

Likewise, you could also take the opportunity to perform any minor repairs that need carrying out, or to fit a new lock to your shed if need be.

Step 5 – Organise your shed sensibly

All of the tools and equipment need to be returned to the shed, with things you use most often within easy reach. Anything that’s strictly seasonal and won’t be needed for months can be hidden away at the back. Anything you’ll be needing much sooner should be closer to the front.

If you’ve prepared an inventory, try to make a brief note of where everything is for future reference.

Step 6 – Avoid causing chaos in future

The easiest way of avoiding these is to stop your shed to fall into disarray in the first place. Take the time to keep it tidy and well-maintained along the way and you stand to save yourself masses of time and effort long term.

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