How to clean your interior walls

How to clean your interior walls

You sweep your hard floors, vacuum your carpets and scrub the kitchen countertops on a regular basis. But when did you last clean your walls?

It’s easy to overlook the odd scuff and stain, instead of risking more harm than good. Although cleaning interior walls does require a more cautious approach than hardwearing surfaces, the job can be made easy with a few tips and tricks.

Preparing the cleaning area

Whether you’re tackling a few dirty marks or cleaning a wall in its entirety, you’ll need to remove anything that’s hanging on the wall, move nearby furniture to a safe distance and place some old sheets or newspaper on the floor to catch drips and spills.

If your walls are painted, a slightly different approach is required depending on the finish:

Cleaning gloss and semigloss paint

Walls painted with a gloss finish are generally easy to clean, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, the kitchen and bathroom. If a wipe with a damp sponge does not get the job done, try adding a diluted dish soap mixture. You can also try a mild degreaser misted onto the wall, then wiped away with a damp sponge to leave a pristine shine.

Cleaning flat or matt finishes

Matt paint can be harder to tackle. The surface may be slightly porous and not as smooth as a gloss finish. A very slightly damp sponge or cloth is the best method or at most, a tiny amount of dish soap for more stubborn marks. There are some specialist cleaning products available for matte finishes, which are worth considering if your walls are in need of a more major clean.

Cleaning wallpapered walls

The cleaning method of wallpaper will be determined by both its quality and age. High quality, contemporary wallpaper is designed to be exceptionally durable, and can be cleaned with a sponge – just like a painted wall. Older wallpaper tends to be more absorbent, so any moisture you apply could seep straight into the material and result in disintegration. In these cases, specialist cleaning products are required.

Making your own all-purpose wall cleaner

Keeping walls clean is easier than dealing with the long-term accumulation of dirt and grime. To make the job easier and cost effective, try this simple yet effective DIY cleaner that can be used on most types of walls.

Simply take 1L of water and add one tablespoon of dish soap, followed by around a teaspoon of white vinegar. Use a spray bottle to mist the solution directly onto your walls, or gently apply with a soft cloth or sponge. Remember to try it on a discreet area of the wall first to ensure its suitable for the surface.

Whether your walls are in need of serious attention, or you just don’t have time to tackle the job, we can help. Hardyclean offers a range of professional home cleaning services to work around your schedule. Call today for an obligation-free quotation.