Five domestic cleaning jobs to tackle now

Five domestic cleaning jobs to tackle now

While we find ourselves stuck inside with the latest nationwide lockdown, now is a good time to get our homes and interiors in good order. The more you take care of now while other activities are at a premium, the more time you’ll have for enjoyable pursuits later.

Start thinking about the pre-spring jobs you can do to save time in the long-run. If you find ideas are low, here are just a few suggestions on how you can put your time to good use:

1. Declutter thoroughly

Most homes could benefit with an occasional declutter. We don’t mean throwing out a few odd bits that have been gathering dust, but thoroughly going through your cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and attic. Make a conscious effort to get rid of everything you no longer want or need.

Whether it’s worth selling it or throwing in the bin, avoid cluttering your interiors with items of no use or value to you. This is a great way of starting the new year fresh, with plenty more space to play with.

2. Donate unwanted items to charity

This is a good time to give something back to those less fortunate. Identify the items that you no longer need, but that somebody else could make genuine use of. Bag or box them up, then drop them off at your nearest charitable organisation.

You will benefit from more space at home, and a great feel-good factor. This is a time when every small contribution really helps, why not do so with a spot of decluttering.

3. Clean your car interior

Many people use the bad weather as an excuse for not bothering to clean their car properly for several months. During which time, the average car interior can become a harbour for bacteria and viruses. With the windows up and heating on, there’s nowhere for any nastiness to escape.

Therefore, now is the ideal time to give your car seats, dashboard, handles and buttons a clean and refresh. It will make taking to the roads during the worst of the weather slightly less unpleasant.

4. Create a cleaning schedule

If you’re planning for a well-maintained home in the year ahead, make the time to draw up the cleaning schedule. Think about which jobs you’ll tackle and when, how long you’ll spend on them and which family members will be involved. This will help to create some structure to your day, at a time when many of us are without a usual routine. You will also be surprised how easy it is to keep a family home clean and tidy, when the schedule itself is organised.

5. Get the home office in order

There’s a strong likelihood that one or more household members are working from home on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. This means an organised and clean home office is more important than ever. It’s been proven that an orderly and attractive home office makes for a more productive and satisfying working environment.

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