End of tenancy cleaning checklist for landlords

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

As a landlord, there are various everyday duties and responsibilities that can be surprisingly enjoyable and inspiring. Right at the opposite end of the scale, you have end of tenancy cleaning.

Far from the most exciting task, end of tenancy cleaning is nonetheless one of the most important and inevitable. Irrespective of whether you hire a specialist cleaning company or take care of things yourself, your property needs to be in the best possible shape when your new tenants arrive.

DIY cleaning or commercial cleaner?

Assuming you have neither the time nor the inclination to clean the place from top to bottom yourself, you may find a commercial cleaning company the only viable option. A good end of tenancy cleaner can ensure everything is spotless in time for your prospective tenants to inspect their possible future home.

Of course, there may also be instances where it doesn’t seem necessary to hire a commercial cleaning company. If the prior tenants left the place in pretty good condition, you might decide the DIY approach is the way to go.

In which case, you’ll find a summarised end of tenancy cleaning checklist valuable.

End of tenancy checklist

It’s worth remembering that it is ultimately down to you to ensure the property is clean and sanitised to a satisfactory level. Even if you bring in the professional cleaners, you may need to give the whole place a once-over to make sure it’s up to scratch.

With this in mind, what follows is a brief summary of the most important tasks, responsibilities and points to consider when going about end of tenancy cleaning, or prepping a rental property for new tenants:

1. Get the gear

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment needed to get the job done. This includes all the usual consumables like cloths, rags, antibacterial spray, upholstery shampoo and cleaning fluid, along with the devices and machinery needed to clean the carpets and buff the hard floors .

2. Inspect the walls

It takes some time to inspect the walls of a property in their entirety, so do it as one your first jobs. Take notes of the scuffs and marks that can be simply removed, along with areas that may need repainting or repairing.

3. Internal and external doors

Check both the physical appearance and the functionality of all internal and external doors, paying particularly close attention to the safety and security of external doors. You’ll need to consult a locksmith if there are any suspected locking or security issues.

4. Clean the windows

End of tenancy window cleaning means meticulously cleaning all windows inside and out, while ensuring the window frames, handles and fittings are also clean. You may need additional help to clean upper-floor windows from the outside.

5. Don’t forget the ceilings

There’s a good chance your future tenants will cast their eyes all around the room as soon as they walk in, so don’t forget to check the ceiling. You’ll most likely need specialist equipment to give them a good clean.

6. Fixtures and fittings

This includes things like light fittings, plug sockets and light switches, which need to be inspected in terms of cleanliness and their general state of repair.

7. Furniture and upholstery

Any furniture and upholstery you plan on leaving in the place for your new tenants should be inspected for its general state of repair, cleanliness and hygiene. Specialist cleaning products and equipment will be needed to get them up to standard.

8. Carpets and soft floor coverings

Rather than struggling with the usual brushes and sponges, it’s far better to invest in (or rent) a commercial quality carpet cleaner to give all soft furnishings around the property a thorough clean.

9. Hit the kitchen

Always leave plenty of time to clean the kitchen, as even the simplest of spills and burned-on messes can take longer than you’d expect to remove. The kitchen can make or break the whole deal in the eyes of tenants, so don’t be tempted to cut corners to save time.

10. Blitz the bathroom

Last up, you’ll want the bathroom to be absolutely immaculate and fresh smelling for your new tenants, which is why it is worth saving this job until the end. It’s also quite likely to be the most unpleasant job of all, so you better be ready to get your hands dirty!

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