Can a clean office improve productivity?

Can a clean office improve productivity?

It is the responsibility of every employer to provide a clean, safe and healthy working environment. But viewing office cleanliness as just a basic compliance issue is to overlook its importance.

Keeping the workplace clean and tidy isn’t exclusively about creating the right first impression for customers and visitors. There’s a direct connection between office cleanliness and the productivity of your workforce. Therefore, enhancing your cleaning processes could result in improved output and efficiency for your business.

The correlation between productivity and office cleanliness

Effective and affordable workforce motivation is an ongoing search for millions of business owners. In many instances, a few simple cleanliness and comfort improvements really could make all the difference.

On average, it’s estimated that most employees lose approximately 5 days of work each year due to sickness. While poor office hygiene is not always the root cause, it’s often a contributory factor when it comes to seasonal bugs like coughs, colds and flu. Therefore, keeping things hygienic around the office is of paramount importance.

The more you focus on office hygiene, the less likely that members of your workforce will go down with a cold and be away from the office for a few days.

Hence, the cost of a professional office cleaner pays for itself by way of reduced sick days.

But it isn’t just absenteeism that can be improved with a clean and more hygienic workspace. Motivation and productivity can be increased significantly with a well-maintained working environment.

For example:

  1. Improved focus – The more orderly and less chaotic the surrounding environment, the more likely we are to perform with heightened efficiency. When a workspace is clean, uncluttered and free of distractions, it’s guaranteed to nurture focus and improve output.
  2. Better use of time – If your workspace is untidy and disorganised, it inherently makes it more difficult to find things and perform basic tasks. It also means that members of your workforce may find themselves wasting time on cleaning jobs themslves, rather than focusing on more important responsibilities.
  3. Increased morale – It’s impossible to take pride in your job or develop an affinity for your employer if you’re expected to work in an unhygienic environment. By contrast, providing the workforce with a comprehensively clean workspace can work wonders for morale.
  4. Professional attitudes – Likewise, the environment you immerse employees in can play a direct role in your capacity in maintaining a good attitude. If you’re surrounded by chaos and clutter in an unsanitary environment, it’s much more difficult to conduct yourself as a professional.

In each of these instances, you’re achieving a potential improvement to efficiency, output and performance. This comes through improving office hygiene and cleanliness standards, with the help of a high-quality commercial cleaning team.

Bacteria and virus office hotspots

Keeping autumn and winter bugs out of the workplace entirely isn’t realistic.  By contrast, proactively safeguarding your employees from picking up germs in the workplace manageable.

Along with improved overall hygiene, it’s important to focus on bacteria and virus hotspots. The most prominent examples of these hotspots are:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Lift buttons
  • Touch screens
  • Computer mice and keyboards
  • Cupboard and drawer handles
  • Telephones

Anything that’s touched on a regular basis by different people in the office is considered a hotspot. These are the areas that need to be hygienically cleaned on a regular basis.

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