Bathroom cleaning made easier

Bathroom cleaning made easier

The bathroom tends to be one of the busiest rooms of the home, quickly deteriorating from clean to cluttered. It also tends to be a place where dirt, grease and grime accumulate faster than anywhere else.

The bathroom might not be the most enjoyable domestic cleaning duty, but it can be made a little less painful with the right approach. With the tips and pointers below, you may find that keeping your bathroom cleaner for longer isn’t quite the impossible task it often seems:

1: Keep Your Surfaces as Clutter-Free as Possible

Anything kept on a shelf, sink or side of the bath is going to accumulate condensation and dust, so keep them hidden away where possible. This includes consumables such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes and toilet cleaning products. The same also goes for all those decorative items, which can often make cleaning that bit more difficult.

The less surface clutter in your bathroom, the easier it becomes to frequently clean the room with a quick wipe.

2: Keep cleaning supplies to hand

Making your bathroom easy to clean means ensuring you have everything you need within easy reach. If there is a pack of cleaning wipes or bleach stored conveniently in your bathroom, you won’t hesitate to reach for them regularly. If cleaning the bathroom means gathering supplies from around the home, you may be more reluctant to do so.

With a few useful products nearby, you’ll soon get into the habit of cleaning little and often, which could negate the need for a deep cleaning entirely. 

3:  Keep the room dry

Moist surfaces attract and accumulate dirt much faster than dry surfaces. Additionally, moisture can quickly lead to problems with mildew and mould. This can be exaggerated in the colder months when additional condensation can accumulate.

Therefore, keeping your bathroom as dry as possible is important for cleanliness. Ensure everyone in your household knows to open the window after use, and to give the bathroom a quick wipe-down after showering, bathing or generally making a mess.

4: Conduct a comprehensive declutter

Do you really need eight half-empty shampoos, nine combs and half a dozen used toothbrushes saved for cleaning purposes? The speed at which the average bathroom becomes cluttered with impractical objects can be astonishing.

There can be a reluctance for people to get rid of things they don’t need, despite them doing more harm than good. So, if you haven’t done so in a while, spend half an hour decluttering your bathroom and get rid of everything you can happily live without.

5: Use Shower Screen Sprays

One of the most unpleasant cleaning jobs in the average bathroom is the glass shower screen. Once pristine and perfectly clear, these installations quickly look water marked. This is where ‘spray and rinse’ shower screen sprays come recommended, saving you the time and effort of manual cleaning. Simply spray on after taking a bath or shower, leave in place for a few minutes and rinse away with the shower head.

Far quicker and easier than letting the problem accumulate then scrubbing away occasionally.

6: Expand Storage Space

You can never have too much bathroom storage space. From towels to toilet paper to cleaning products to cosmetics, a minimalist bathroom utilising intelligent storage solutions is the easiest type of bathroom to clean.

If space is at a premium, think vertically and consider how you could use the wall space to your advantage.