10 ways to assess your commercial cleaner

10 ways to assess your commercial cleaner

For most businesses, hiring a commercial cleaning company is a classic ‘set and forget’ task. Once they’re hired and duties are underway, it’s no longer a cause for concern.

The problem with some cleaning companies is their high initial standards gradually subside. The great start is replaced with a lazy “that will do” approach, having taken their contract for granted.

This is why it’s important to occasionally take a step back and consider whether you’re getting good value for money. More specifically, whether your commercial cleaner is actually doing a good job.

But what kinds of spot checks can you carry out to verify their performance? 

Without resorting to questioning your cleaning contractor, here’s 10 ways to assess their performance on a daily basis:

1. Checking for dust above eye level

It’s the mark of a good cleaning company to give the complete workspace a thorough clean – not just the visible surfaces. By contrast, other contractors are more about saving time and effort by ignoring the spots you’re unlikely to see.

2. Cleaning team professionalism

If you’re paying a cleaning company to visit your premises, the least you can expect is a general sense of professionalism. Any hint of a poor attitude should be enough to question the quality of the service.

3. Cleaning consistency

It’s not enough for a cleaning company to leave you with an immaculate office one day and a moderately clean workspace the next. There are no excuses for a lack of consistency, as each member of their team should perform to the same high-quality standards.

4. Contractor personnel efficiency

Efficiency and promptness are always preferable. But rushing through a job and compromising on quality is much less desirable. It’s often easy to tell whether a cleaning team is focused on standards, or aiming to get out the door as fast as possible. The latter of which, is not worth paying for.

5. Cleaning disruption

A commercial cleaning team should demonstrate flexibility for the benefit of the client, and not burden or distract office workers. A certain amount of disruption may be inevitable when cleaning an active space. But it should never prevent business from being carried out. Discretion is the key to quality commercial cleaning.

6. Quality of cleaning products used

The quality of cleaning product used by a commercial contractor can say a lot about their approach. For some, it’s a case of cutting corners with products to save money and maximise profit. For the best commercial cleaners, anything less than quality supplies is unacceptable.

7. Cleaning job completion

Do you ever find yourself picking up bits and pieces your cleaning contractor should have covered? If the answer is yes, you should not pay someone to do a job that you end up completing personally. The occasional oversight is acceptable, but regularly finishing the work on your cleaner’s behalf is much less so.

8. Contractor punctuality

Your cleaning team should be able to arrive at the time agreed in your contract, then complete the job promptly. Starting and finishing at unscheduled hours should lead you to question the contractor’s organisation.

9. Cleaner friendliness and approachability

If you have any questions or concerns to raise with your cleaners, you need to feel they are able to help. This means friendly and approachable staff. Not unhappy and unapproachable individuals who seem to be there against their will.

10. Cleaning work warranty

The best commercial cleaners will always cover their work with a warranty. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the completed job, they’ll return to your premises and make the necessary corrections for free.

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